beBop Language

The Art of Tension and Resolution

Francesca Tandoi

Study key improvisation techniques to expand your bebop vocabulary. You will learn different systems for approaching triads and discover how to use scales with chromaticisms.

Who is the video course for?

Do you want to improve your bebop phrasing to improvise well-constructed solos?
“The BeBop Language" by Francesca Tandoi is the course for you!

You will study the bebop improvisation techniques handed down by the great jazz masters, with examples and practical applications on famous jazzstandards.

The main topics addressed are:
– approach to the triad with different techniques (chromatic, enclosures and free approach);
– the bebop scales (major and minor) and their harmonization;
– harmonic analysis of the songs Autumn Leaves, Donna Lee, BeBop, But not for me;
- Use of transcriptions to build and expand your jazz vocabulary.

The course is suitable for all pianists and musicians who have basic harmonic knowledge, such as scale and chord construction.

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76 minutes of lessons

PDF With exercises and transcripts

Certificate of attendance

Practical examples


English Subtitles


Here's a free lesson from the course. 


1.1 ️Chromatic approach to the triad.
1.2 ️Enclosures
1.3 ️Creative approach to the triad.
1.4 ️Autumn Leaves application

2.1 The Bebop scales
2.2 Harmonization of the bebop scale
2.3 Harmonization of the bebop minor scale
2.4 Harmonization of the BEBOP song.

3.1 ️Donna lee
3.2 Insert rests and create “question and answer” phrases

4.1 Improvisation study steps




“Francesca Tandoi is a pianist gifted with an excellent musical taste and sense of swing. She has a refined voice, she is capable of composing unforgettable melodies and arranging in an extremely sophisticated manner.”
Monty Alexander


Pianist/vocalist Francesca Tandoi is one of the most interesting talents on the international jazz scene. 
Her performances have been repeatedly described as “an explosion of swing” and her style is energetic and elegant at the same time.
Francesca has collaborated with internationally renowned artists and in recent years it has been the trio formula that has been most congenial to her, allowing for a wide-ranging freedom of expression in which you can hear the bond with the jazz tradition firmly but with the mind projected towards the future .
She moved very young to Holland where she graduated cum laude at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and at the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam.
In just a few years of career she began to bring her music around the world playing in some of the most important jazz festivals, theaters and jazz clubs such as the North Sea jazz festival, Umbria jazz, Cork jazz, Breda jazz, Amsterdam Arena Stadium and many others in USA, Indonesia, India, Japan, South Africa, Russia and all over Europe.


“Francesca Tandoi has a perfect piano technique and an incredible sense of swing. The audience is totally enthralled by her playing.”
David Alston


 Her record “Wind dance” appears in the “top 10 best jazz albums of 2017” ranking of the famous Japanese magazine “Jazz Life”.
The same magazine defines her as one of the most interesting young talents on the European jazz scene.
Francesca Tandoi has truly excellent piano skills,
she is as if she flies over the keyboard. Plus she has a beautiful, enveloping and charming voice.”

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The instructional videos are designed for those who want to learn to improvise and deepen their jazz language. The video lessons cover the most important topics with Practical examples to improve in a practical and comprehensive way.

Each course, in addition to the technical insights specific to the instrument, covers general topics of harmony, rhythm and improvisation that are valid for every musician.

A trumpet player can listen to and transcribe piano solos to improve; a drummer can study the rhythm of trumpet players for creative insights.
Stay one step ahead and don't lock yourself into your instrument!

Whatever level you are at, the important thing is to understand the theoretical and practical approaches of established musicians.

Their ideas are important in getting to understand and discover your own sound. You will find the answers and new insights to help you on your path.

You never stop learning. Welcome to the club ;)

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