my way: learn to practice with creativity

bass guitar course by

Dario Deidda

Discover Dario Deidda's jazz approach, he will guide you through all the topics necessary to play jazz bass and you will discover how to build your own effective study method.

Who is the video course for?

What is the secret behind an effective practice routine to become a great bass player? Would you like to supplement your practice program with useful technique exercises and learn how to build solid bass lines?

“My Way: method for studying with creativity, vol. 1” by Dario Deidda is the course for you!

Maestro Deidda will provide you with valuable advice, useful for building an effective practice method that addresses instrumental technique and jazz improvisation.

The main topics covered are:
– Impostazione di mano destra e mano sinistra;
– Studio e applicazione delle scale e degli arpeggi;
– Costruzione di linee di basso efficaci con il walking bass;
– Approccio all’improvvisazione.

The course is suitable to all bass and double bass players who wish to learn the main jazz bass techniques and who have basic harmonic knowledge, such as the construction of scales and chords.

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109 minutes of class time

PDF With exercises and transcripts

Certificate of attendance

Practical examples


English Subtitles


Here's a free lesson from the course. 

the master's advice

In my musical life, I have never set goals or limits. Anything can be achieved, the important thing is to believe in it and work hard. To do this, it is essential to undertake a serious study of the instrument and music, naturally drawing on all that the teachings of the past can give us, the techniques, classical studies, listening, harmony, composition. So first and foremost be hungry for knowledge, all of life. But at the same time, we must not lose sight of developing our own tastes, personality, our inner notes, our sound, and focus all our work on bringing out these fundamental components of our being musicians. 

Here, my video course will show you how I worked and how I continue to work more because a musician is not a musician if he stops.

Evolution always continues until the end.
This is my story."


1.2 the choice of fingering
1.2 the choice of fingering
1.3 exercises for the right hand
1.4 creative study - create your own exercises

2.1 left hand posture
2.2 exercises for the left hand
2.3 create your own exercises

3.1 the modes of the major scale
3.2 the chromaticisms on the modes of the major scale
3.3 why is important to study the modes
3.4 two-octave modes
3.5 the chords built on modes
3.6 study of scales in thirds

4.1 fingering 1 ex 1 - Hanon
4.2 fingering 2 ex 1 - Hanon
4.3 rhythmic variations 1
4.4 example on ornithology
4.5 ex. 2 - Hanon, leaps of fourth
4.6 rhythmic variation 2
4.7 Transfer Hanon to melodic and harmonic minor scales
4.8 create new exercises
4.9 super hanon

5.1 the major arpeggios
5.2 the minor arpeggios
5.3 arpeggios of seventh chords

6.1 one-octave pentatonics
6.2 two-octave pentatonics
6.3 create new pentatonics

7.1 the importance of singing the changes
7.2 examples of walking lines on Autumn Leaves
7.3 listening tips for walking

8.1 use the theme to improvise
8.2 connecting hands to voice
8.3 example 2 on Autumn Leaves
8.4 example 3 on Autumn Leaves - hand-ear connection



Dario Deidda,  was born in Salerno to a middle school teacher mother and a father employed in the province, both passionate about music, he until it became a reason for living, a perpetual emotional and evocative flow, despite having chosen, probably for the culture of epoch, and for family education, a more secure employment.
Dario is the third of four children, and was born in a context where music is already at home.
His parents had met precisely because of a common love for songs and sonatas, then shared in the parish.
Music, therefore, was not a danger, on the contrary, a vocation, a mission to be carried out with care, devotion, sacredness, otherwise it would be better to leave it alone.
The result is that all the young Deiddas were passionate about music, three out of four chose to make it a profession (Sandro Deidda saxophonist and Alfonso Deidda saxophonist and pianist), never relegated to the purely remunerative field of work, but more to the artistic one, in a projection that could make themselves more and more worthy of such a courtly road and close to the essence of beauty.

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The instructional videos are designed for those who want to learn to improvise and deepen their jazz language. The video lessons cover the most important topics with Practical examples to improve in a practical and comprehensive way.

Each course, in addition to the technical insights specific to the instrument, covers general topics of harmony, rhythm and improvisation that are valid for every musician.

A trumpet player can listen to and transcribe piano solos to improve; a drummer can study the rhythm of trumpet players for creative insights.
Stay one step ahead and don't lock yourself into your instrument!

Whatever level you are at, the important thing is to understand the theoretical and practical approaches of established musicians.

Their ideas are important in getting to understand and discover your own sound. You will find the answers and new insights to help you on your path.

You never stop learning. Welcome to the club ;)

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